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Acceptance of Prostate Cancer and its side effects

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Hang in there some of this forum know my journey, still I attach my chart.

I will never forget the phone call from my urologist saying the biopsy was positive for PCa nor his haunting words, "Kevin, that's a pretty aggressive cancer...!"

My clinical history bears him out, yet, it had never become resistant, spread to to the bones or organs..why, I don't know. I have stayed on top of it, always monitoring, had decision criteria to gop on treatment informed by clinical data, generally taken an aggressive approach.

I've done a lot in these ten years as I've said, vacations, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries (up to to 34 now) daughters graduations from high school and college (no weddings or grandkids yet), dinner parties with friends, watched my Royals, Jayhawks and Chief experience the highest level of success in their sports...went to a Willie Nelson concert and travelled to Las Vegas to watch my daughter play in her Mountain West basketball tournament, have gone skiing in Colorado while on ADT you get the idea.

How have I adapted. Well, some ways are downright funny.

My daughter came home for Christmas while I was on Lupron. She asked to borrow my car to meet up with a friend and catch up. She came home and asked why I had the air conditioner on in December...!

My wife and friends no longer ask why I am out on the deck when it's bitter cold, they know it's soothing when there's a roiling hot flash.

At the gym, friends wanted to swim in the heated pool, me, nope, the lap pool is not heated and is great.

A colleague and I were travelling together, I had the air conditioner on fairly high, he reached to turn it down, I said, don't touch that, I'll kill you (kidding!").

A friend and I were driving to a Jayhawk basketball game, it was fairly cold, he asked why I didn't have the heater on. He took a picture of the dashboard showing he outside temperature a zero..

I don't wear sweaters because they can trigger hot flashes and I need something I can take off quickly, so everything has to be zippers.

As I type this response, I am drinking my coffee and a hot flash is taking place. I know, coffee and alcohol, but I like both and I don't always get a hot flash when enjoying a Manhattan, so..

Three years out of the 10 is when I've been on treatment. I tend to listen to my body, nap when I want to.

I'm active, perhaps that helps as a mitigating strategy.

I view this as a chronic disease so far, manageable, with the goal of dying of something else, my medical team knows that's their mission. I am fortunate to be able to do so since it's never become resistant nor spread to bone or organs, a whole different ballgame.

So, yes, I've "accepted" it and the SEs, that's not to say I'm excited about it. If medical researchers come up with a cure, I'm all in! Until then, I'm living!


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All so helpful. Thank you.

Thanks, Kevin.

Awesome! Great story and quite inspirational. I hope I can stay as positive as you. Thanks for sharing your journey. Best of luck to you.