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Glioblastoma grade 4 thalmic tumor unresectable

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Thank you for reminding me not to argue. I am so glad I found this site. My husband has battled Glioblastoma stage 4 for exactly one year. We are 72years.
Surgery, 6 weeks radiation following 5 day a month Temodar. He has stable results on blood and MRI-
Last three months moderate to debilitating depression - He is so depressed - very sad… his brain seems to get worse and worse. He feels
“Useless” “stupid”
He is also very very tired.
I don't know the cause of depression / extreme tired because all his tests look @good?” ?? drugs , radiation glioma or what??
He is taking Brupropin for depression- they bumped in a little Zofran at bedtime -
I am confused and i suppose wishful thinking that he would be able to extend his life and not have to suffer .
Does anyone have a better experience with a antidepressant? Drs have told me we have to wait at least 2 more weeks to try a different medication.
He has strong faith but he is being tempted and riddled with anxiety worry and sadness.
If you pray - please pray for him - his name is Peter. Thank you from MaryBeth

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I will pray for you. I wish you the best. We never dealt with depression. My husband declined pretty rapidly. I didn’t feel he would last long after he was diagnosed. He clearly had had the disease for a while before we knew what was going on. Once we discovered it was GBM he was bedridden within about six weeks. We just tried to enjoy each other’s company as best we could. He was in and out of the hospital about five times during his last three months. I stayed with him as much as possible in the hospital. He was alone when I was not with him. Very few of his friends and family visited him. I honestly don’t know how he got through all of that without going crazy. I guess my constant support helped him. Early on he could call me and talk time when I was at home with our dogs. But as he got worse he could not figure out how to use the phone. That kept us apart a little more. But I still managed to be with him about 10 hours a day. Then he came home for hospice that last 11 days. I was with him 23 hours a day then. I liked that better. He still knew who I was until the very end which gave me comfort.

Everyone is different with these medications, but my spouse started bupropion and he felt it made his anxiety and panic attacks 10x worse. He got into see an aprn as he was beside himself and couldn’t wait much longer. The aprn prescribed sertraline and had him stop the bupropion ( he seemed better off of the bupropion. If he feels it’s not working he could get different dr.

@marybeths, depression is not uncommon with serious illness. It may be due to dealing with the reality of serious illness and/or the brain tumor itself. It sounds like his cancer team is aware of his mental state and have offered medications that can and should help.

Sometimes it can also help to talk with someone. I might suggest asking for a consult with an oncology social worker. Here's more information about what onology social work provides:
- How an Oncology Social Worker Can Help https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/cancer-education-center/newsfeed-post/how-an-oncology-social-worker-can-help/

MaryBeth, how are you doing? Do you have the support you need?