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CBD Gummies to help appetite?

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We have had a little success with CBD oil for weight gain as well as relieving anxiety and paranoia in Lewy Body Demetia, however, he has only gained a few pounds. I know we were told not to use it because it interferes with other meds. However, my hubby only uses the excelon patch and takes protonix at night along with a 5 mg melatonin. We tried Buspar, seroquel, xanax (awful experience), klonopin (only when desperate) and nothing helped. Finally, against three doctor's opinions, I did my own research and decided to try the CBD oil. It has been a lifesaver. Hubby eats better, sleeps better, has much less anxiety - perhaps more hallucinations but they are not frightening. We were on the verge of having to go to a facility, and I was actively searching for one. This has been a total game changer. I do realize this might only be a temporary reprieve - but I am grateful for the moments of not being afraid, of getting to relax for a few minutes, of getting a little bit more sleep, plus he is kinder to everyone, has not had any uncontrollable rages, and a we both have a lot more smiles. The gummies might work better. The key is to get a good quality brand. I did try a Delta 8 with more THC and that seemed to cause him to be a bit more argumentative, so we are just sticking to the CBD oil. I just squirt it in his mouth a couple times a day and sometimes only once a day. Hope this helps someone. Let me know if I can help more with specifics. There's so many to try from - I was just lucky that an orthopedic doctor suggested a brand for arthritis in my hand, so I knew where to buy it for him. I don't use it for my hand because I have to be on constant alert for my hubby, but I would break the bank to keep this in stock here at home because it works so well for him. That doesn't mean that this journey is easy, it is still a heart shattering experience, but for now, it is a big improvement from where we were.

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Thank you for sharing! And I will take any window of improvement . It is definitely not an easy path. I am working hard to just accept and not look too far ahead. I don’t want to chase after cures that don’t exist (because I could do that forever!). But I am excited to think that this might make a positive change.

I also find the oil to be best option as it’s easier to control dose.