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<p>Need something to cut film of foamy mucous in throat.</p><p>My husband had TORS surgery for throat cancer on January 25. He still has a PEG tube but is trying to re-learn how to swallow. Big problem is constant film of foamy mucous that causes terrible lengthy coughing fits. It just doesn't go away. He is miserable from the pain of coughing...his throat, ribs, etc.</p>

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Unfortunately we are not seeing any solutions for you here. When recovering in hospital after surgery where a trach has been introduced, a lot of moisture is presented to help cut down on the thick mucus in the throat. The thick mucus as I understand it is the body’s way of fighting off infections while one heals.
I would think however that your general practitioner would have a solution as well. That or an ENT. No one should be subject to coughing for days as your husband has.

So yes that’s common and I too suffered from both issues and yet still at over 7 years out from stage IV treatments the mucus is still a problem.

I was prescribed medication to produce saliva but it didn’t work for me. Also the following was recommended but none of them worked for me; mucinex, biotene, xylitol (xylimelt), nonalcohol mouthwash. Though they failed for me they may work for your husband.

I found that first thing in the morning and several times throughout the day I run hot water, as hot as I can stand. I swish and spit several times. Once my mouth is clear I take small sips and hack it up and out.
Sometimes this takes several rounds but it works!

I then brush my teeth and then brush again with prescription fluoride toothpaste and leave it dry for 1/2 hour ish.

The cough; I was coughing like a fool and then one of my nurses said, let me get you a prescription for Teslon Pearl…what a relief!!!

It took me nearly a year to eat oatmeal so be patient but at least try to keep drinking fluids…I was unable due to choking!

Hope this helps