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I would like to know people's experience with TAR

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Thank you. I am very ambivalent.

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You're welcome. And I'm sorry, I wish I believed differently. The joints that are replaced successfully - knee, shoulder, hip - are anatomically uncomplicated. In fact shoulder and hip replacements are usually 100% anatomically correct, with the exception of reverse shoulder replacement. None of the operations involve a quick recovery, and all require extensive rehab, but when all that is done, outcomes are good.

The ankle by comparison is extremely complex. It moves in multi-directions including up and down and sideways. I had a good friend with ankle problems, and he resolved to continue PT and live with it as best as possible.

I've had both knees replaced with much success, and a lotta work, and had my big toe joints fused, not replaced. Thankfully my ankles are ok. There is a procedure to fuse the tibia to the talus in the ankle, but that seems extreme and would certainly affect gait. Essentially it fuses the lower leg bone to the foot. That doesn't sound good to me.

All the best friend.