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@ava11, if you would like to seek a second opinion at Mayo Clinic, you can submit a request here: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

When speaking with a coordinator, they can tell you more about the proton beam therapy team's depth of experience. Dr. Sameer Keole talks about Mayo Clinic's approach to proton beam therapy in this video.

I believe @docwatson @jb2buckwater @slick64 @ken82 @dandl48 @rcs @waynen @wrig1jam @jim20403 @jimcinak @gankster @bjroc may have had proton beam therapy for prostate cancer at Mayo Clinic and can share more about the team approach.

@ava11, which Mayo Clinic location were you considering: Rochester, MN or Phoenix, AZ?

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I live in Irvine California. Phoenix, AZ would be closer and I also have friends and relatives there. I would go to Rochester if there is a better doctor in Rochester. I will have only chance to get it right.!

I recommend the Mayo Proton Beam Team. They are consummate professionals before, during and after treatment. I have read many prostate patient experiences elsewhere and am always surprised by how many folks had negative experiences. I am available to discuss my personal experience and searching for my comments on this site will provide much detail as to my diagnosis, treatment and results.

Best wishes to all who dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Know that you are not alone and that for most early cases prognosis is extremely good. Treatment for advanced stages are extending lives dramatically. So do not panic.