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Medical ID bracelet

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Your Amazon i'd is less expensive for sure. MedicAlert has gotten a bit pricey over the years. when I joined a stainless steel bracelet, cost $6.00 dollars a sterling silver one cost $9.00 dollars and the gold bracelet cost $24. Obviously, that was a long time ago. But Medic has advantages over other id’s and phones, apps etc. MedicAlert charges $24.99, 49.99 & $74.99 per year.
Do you have your DNR & advanced directive through MedicAlert?
I'm glad they are around. I have been found unconscious nearly everywhere you can imagine and MedicAlert immediately alerted ever one what was wrong. They notified my doctor and parents. Great organization!!!

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@jakedduck1 Leonard, I have all pertinent information at my fingertips. My [new!] medical alert bracelet includes the DNR, and I keep a copy of my POLST folded in the glove compartment of my car. There is a seat belt cover that would tell anyone that I am a dialysis patient, and have a fistula on my right arm, in case I need to be rescued from my car. I have a folder from my dialysis clinic that includes "transfer paperwork", that is a run-down of my treatment if there is a need for hospitalization.

To some it might be over-kill. But I have been a 911 dispatcher, and seen what happens if there is none/little information to go on for a patient in an emergency situation, and had that happen with my mother back in the 80s. Or, maybe it reflects back that I must have been a Boy Scout in a former life "always prepared".