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Thanks for your comments. Yes it has been a true rollercoaster since it all began.

Thanks for the article. Will read it. I like to research a lot about inner ear disorders.

Other than injections, I always have my Prednisolone on hand, as well as Betahistine and Moduretic (diuretic) meds for relapses and they seem to work better in combination.

I did feel that for a considerable time that taking high doses of N-Acety Cysteine along with Alpha Lipoic Acid daily, helped reduce my symptoms. I take 1500mg NAC daily but the positive effects I thought it provided doesn't seem to be the same. Alpha Lipoic Acid is so expensive I had to stop but may try to get another course of it.
Other than that, still searching for positive treatments. Have tried a lot of supplements over the years.


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Hello. In the other AIED post I told about my case. I was diagnosed with the disease after symptoms of fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, pressure in the ear, dizziness (I have not had vertigo) and a positive test for cochlear antibodies. That was 4 months ago. I have taken only one cycle of prednisone, 4 weeks, 60/45/30/15 mg, and after 2 weeks of completing the treatment I have recovered part of my hearing (only the right ear is affected for the moment). My hearing fluctuates for hours, but I haven't lost that much again. I've been like this for several weeks, although I do have relapses of tinnitus and pressure. Tinnitus has also appeared in the good ear, but without losing hearing yet. My hearing loss in my right ear is only in low frequencies. This is how I can last without taking corticosteroids, as long as I don't lose my hearing I can stay like this, I can endure tinnitus fluctuations. How is your tinnitus? How do you cope? I also wanted to ask you about the n-acerylcysteine NAC supplement, do you recommend it? I am taking, all natural, vitamin D3k2, magnesium, ginkgo, aswhagandha. And Alpha Lipoic Acid? Would any ENT or rheumatologist recommend it to you? thank you!