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Glioblastoma grade 4 thalmic tumor unresectable

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My husband was never very good physically after the diagnosis. He had two tumors. They didn’t remove either one. He did three weeks of rehab before coming home after his surgery where they discovered it was GBM. He could get out of bed at that point with a lot of help from me. He would transfer into a wheelchair of course. He could maybe walk twenty feet with a walker. We started radiation ten days after he came home. Within a week of starting radiation he was no longer able to walk at all. I could barely transfer him between bed, wheelchair and car. Within about another ten days he was bedridden until he died six weeks later. He only did about 10 radiation treatments. They wanted to do thirty but he was going downhill so fast and his bloodwork kept them from giving him anymore. Another big issue which I don’t see talked about on here is that died tumors depleted his body of sodium which made him unable to function when the sodium got real low in his body. The hospital and rehabs were not having me give him sodium at home in the beginning for some reason. They would get his levels to be pretty good while under their care and then they never insisted that I give him sodium at home which made no sense to me since his body was always being depleted of it. We ended up in the ER several times due to that. They finally had me give him six grams of sodium after a while. That allowed him to be able to function a little and talk and know what was going on. But it wasn’t saving him from the cancer. I wish the best. It is a touch disease and I never thought such a rare disease would ever hit so close to home. I miss him energy and he has been gone two years now. Do as much as you can with your husband now and enjoy your time together. I hope you get a lot more good times with him. Don’t argue with him when he gets confused or can’t understand things. Just support him and comfort him as much as possible. Tell him you love him as much as possible. I am glad he is doing well right now and I hope that continues for a long time. I don’t mean to be so down but just remember GBM isn’t curable and it can be very agressive. I wish you the best.

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Thank you for reminding me not to argue. I am so glad I found this site. My husband has battled Glioblastoma stage 4 for exactly one year. We are 72years.
Surgery, 6 weeks radiation following 5 day a month Temodar. He has stable results on blood and MRI-
Last three months moderate to debilitating depression - He is so depressed - very sad… his brain seems to get worse and worse. He feels
“Useless” “stupid”
He is also very very tired.
I don't know the cause of depression / extreme tired because all his tests look @good?” ?? drugs , radiation glioma or what??
He is taking Brupropin for depression- they bumped in a little Zofran at bedtime -
I am confused and i suppose wishful thinking that he would be able to extend his life and not have to suffer .
Does anyone have a better experience with a antidepressant? Drs have told me we have to wait at least 2 more weeks to try a different medication.
He has strong faith but he is being tempted and riddled with anxiety worry and sadness.
If you pray - please pray for him - his name is Peter. Thank you from MaryBeth