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I have allergic asthma and so many things are triggers. Molds are huge triggers and I live next to a river and wetlands, so that isn't the best thing as being outside can bring on breathing issues. I use HEPA filtration in my home. I also have 3 cats and found out I was allergic to them after adopting them from a shelter. I have done allergy shots for all of this and it helps, as well as sleeping with HEPA filtration, and I actually have less allergy/asthma symptoms in the bedroom with the cats than the rest of the house because in a smaller space the filter is more effective, and that's a big block of time to have a break from triggers. The kitties will stay and I can accommodate them and my allergies. I have a Dyson Animal HEPA vaccum which helps. Other non-HEPA vacuums just fill the air with dust that they don't catch.


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Thanks for the info…what kind of HEPA filtration do you have? Allergy shots do you mean the immunotherapy?

So glad you are managing with your sweet bundles of fur!
The HEPA air filter is the only way to go. I purchased an I.Q. Air filter Healthpro series. Works great. Tis one of the more expensive ones, but lasts many years [ 20 for me so far]
Dust and moulds are my main triggers, so the usual list of no rugs, no drapes, [soft folding blinds-easy to vacuum] vacuum with hepa filter [ have a Tri-star], damp dusting, and thorough cleaning/dusting. I also wear a mask when I leave my apartment, so to prevent picking up any bugs. In winter, the mask helps modify the cold air.
When planning an outing, I check the air quality monitoring reports; pollen and the PM2.5. I keep all vaccinations up to date: flu, co-vid, pnuemonia, RSV, etc.
This is a life long battle, and we must find the things which help us stay safe.
All the best in finding your safe environment.

Hello what brand of hepa machines are y using? Looking to switch mine. Thankyou