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Anxiety about upcoming Angiogram

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@gregy Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know your plans. I thought perhaps you'd already been scheduled for the angiogram. When the cardiologist calls you can ask them too about how best to approach the angiogram given what you shared here. But I do think if it's possible to start with your GP that might be a good way to go too.

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I was lucky enought te get an appointment with my GP this morning. He was really understanding. The Cardiologist had sent him a copy of the Stress Echocardiogram report and he explained everyting in the report much clearer and in more detail than the Cardiologist did. He said my heart is in pretty good shape and if I hadn't previoulsy had a heart attack and stents it would be unlikely they would even be wanting to do an Angiogram. He said I should do it as a precausionary measure to make sure nothing is wrong. He has a listen to my heart with a stethescope, took my blood pressure and he said from his point of view, my heart is functioning normally. He prescribed 5mg Diazepam and told me to take one before bed to help me sleep and if during the day I really wasn't coping, to break one tablet in half and have half a tablet - but only take it if needed and he said no worry about becoming addicted on on 30 low dose tablets taken in small quantities over a short period of time. I haven't needed to take one yet. Sat in a park near the sea this morning and fell asleep, came home did a little gardening and I'm still not good, but better than this morning.