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Share results of PRP knee injection therapy.

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Daisy22- I appreciate your suggestion but I am avoiding steroids as long as I can. I've been steroid free for years now, I used to get the Kenalog-40 corticosteroid injection once a year for my Allergic Contact Eczema. It helped dramatically for 10 months and then I would tough it out until the years end. The problem was the side effect of major hair loss beginning about 2 months after the injection and lasting about 3 months. It would regrown, but never to longer than 3 inches around the hairline. I'm eczema free now and no longer need the shots because of contact and dietary changes.
I want you to be aware that Kenalog is a potent corticosteroid, dramatically more potent than cortisone. That's why my dermatologist only wanted to give it once a year. Too often can damage your internal organs.
Still if this Platelet Rich Plasma doesn't help I may have no alternative and go back to having my hair fall out after injections.

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If you can afford it PRP definitely worth trying. I had a two years ago when I was 68 my right knee which had one surgery I have arthritis in both knees my left knee has had three surgeries including a torn ACL and is bone on bone. The PRP injections helped my right knee immensely my left knee not so much. So in October I had a new procedure done MFAT. They liposuction fat and then inject that into your knee. Also out-of-pocket more expensive than PRP but it has been a godsend. Not perfect I am 70 but my whole objective was to avoid any replacement and I’m good for now. The problem with the MFAT Is that it is new and there are no long-term results I am very encouraged and I am enjoying Pickleball