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Anxiety about upcoming Angiogram

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The Angiogram hasn't been scheduled yet. My Cardiologist just said "I'll book you in for an Angiogram" like it was offering me a coffee, without any concerns about the shock of needing one and hoe I felt about this. I told him I will think about getting it doe. He is going to call me next Tuesday night to discuss and I guess I will agree to it - it is easy to run away from fear, but I think this one I have to face. I really sympathize with you with claustrophobia, I never realized I had this until on a holiday in Japan, I went on a cave tour near Mt Fuji, the entrance was like travelling down an icy waterslide, getting narrower and narrower (I was sliding while sitting, with the roof of the tunnel brushing on my head and side walls brushing my shoulders and it was quite dark and very cold. I actually thought I was going to get stuck and with lots of people behind me on an icy down hill slope, there was no way to go back. I had a really bad panic attack, heart racing, sweating and I thought I was going to die - fortunately it gradually got wider and I made it out. I will never forget that awful experience. I will try to make an appointment today with my GP (if he isn't booked out) and I will have a talk to him about this.

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@gregy Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know your plans. I thought perhaps you'd already been scheduled for the angiogram. When the cardiologist calls you can ask them too about how best to approach the angiogram given what you shared here. But I do think if it's possible to start with your GP that might be a good way to go too.