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Anxiety about upcoming Angiogram

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Hello @gregy, I moved your discussion to the Heart & Blood Health support group so more members with angiogram experience could share their experiences with you.

This another general discussion on defeating anxiety of appointments and surgeries on Connect you may also find worth your time, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/how-can-i-defeat-my-anxiety-about-medical-tests-and-surgery/.

I'd also like to invite @springtime1 and @ion who have talked about coronary angiogram's in the past on Mayo Clinic Connect.

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Thank you

I'd like to share the words and phrases we tell ourselves affect how we feel. The goal isn't necessarily to make anxiety go away - thus the word "defeat" as if defeating an enemy. I'd like to suggest that we, and I include myself in this, learn what works best for us to manage our own anxiety. This means that the anxiety is still there and we can bring the anxious feelings down a notch or two by skills that we learn. Eventually, we can approach situations that bring us severe anxiety such as medical appointments and procedures by using the skills we've developed so we don't feel so strongly about avoidance or running in the opposite direction.