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One of my most nagging and practical questions about bronchiectasis, will there ever be any regime/drug/other that will shorten the time it takes to clear the lungs? I need some shortcuts! Presently, I estimate almost 2 hours/day are spent attending to "maintenance" of my airways. This time includes setting up, nebbing, breathing exercises, huff coughs, clean up and sterilization. And the time spent here - lol.

And a followup to my question - can cardio exercise take some of the place of airway clearance?

Not sure my question helps @sisterpulse or @sueinmn !

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It does take a lot of time. I heard Dr. Kevin Winthrop, ID doctor at OHUS, say on a video, that given time constraints he thought exercise might be more beneficial than a second nebulizing session. I try to do all three, but keep this in mind when I can't manage to do that.

Absolutely, exercise can take the place of huff coughing, etc - I have explained before that I often use Symbicort inhaler (in place of albuterol), a little saline in the neb (not necessarily the whole 4ml) while on Connect. Then I do my exercise du jour - brisk walk, 40 minutes of yoga, or cardio + light weights, or 30-40 minutes brisk weeding and pickup in the yard. By the time I am done, I have either already coughed up a lot of mucus in the process or it's ready to be huffed out. Exercise that involves bending and reaching produces the best results for me. Once a day keeps me healthy - I double up if I have a (RARE) exacerbation or respiratory bug.

My cleanup routine, again, might not appeal to everyone, but it was given to me by my pulmonologist when I was first diagnosed, and has worked for me for about 6 years. Keep in mind that soap & HOT water will wash away the germs. Hot water soak in dish detergent after each use, followed by hot rinse & air dry. Weekly sterilization in a saucepan.


Yes, the time involved with all this is a drag. Any "shortcut" causes a little nag in the back of your mind about whether you should do that or not. The only shortcut I feel safe about so far is using daily use of a baby bottle sterilizer for steam sterilization and then drying after washing all the equipment. To me, boiling on top of the stove daily was just an added drag.

I do the same as you. I also walk 3-4 miles several times a week, play pickleball and use my elliptical for 2 miles daily. Usually exhausted at end of day. My pulmonologist says just keep moving and that is what I try to do.