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New biomarker Claudin 18.2

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My onc did not (yet) suggest getting tested for CLDN18.2. He only mentioned it several months ago as something possibly targetable in a future trial at his site. It's rather frustrating to only get tested in a onesey-twosey fashion for things like that, and only get information about trials open at his institution. If more info were available now, I could much better research opportunities and make plans for the near future, and with less risk of running out of banked tissue to test.

My CA19-9 reversed its upward trend (upward ~150% after missing one treatment due to covid) and came down by 1% after resuming. I will have my second post-covid treatment and a new CA19-9 data point this Thursday.

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That’s good news about the CA19-9; glad your dr was incorrect about the reason it was increasing. My oncologist returns next week and I will post whatever I learn from him about Claudin 18.2.

Hello markymarkfl,
I believe I read from a post on another topic that your biomarker is decreasing now, and that's great!
After beginning GAC in January, my biomarker (CA19-9) is decreasing so that it went from 3840 (just prior to 1st treatment) to 141, though it hasn't been measured for a few weeks now. Additionally, my recent MRI showed that 1 lesion on my liver is no longer visible, and the other has decreased in size. The soft tissue around the hepatic artery/celiac trunk and within the abdominal peritoneum are "stable"; so with this information my oncologist wants to keep me on the GAC regimen. According to my dr. (Wainberg), the treatment for the CLDN18.2 protein has proven successful for gastric cancer, so the clinical trials at UCLA (largest study on west coast) are to test if it will work for pancreatic cancer, also. Since the GAC is working, my dr. did feel inclined to take me off something that is working for something where the result is unknown. However, since we all know that chemo has its shelf limit, I going to ask if I can at least do the test to see if I have the CLDN18.2 protein, and then when GAC no longer is effective, I'm ready to go for this clinical trial. I also saw your post on the KRAS12-D, and I'm very interested in the study that may be forthcoming in 2-3 yrs. - Oh, well! I also have the ATM and KRAS12-D mutations and was reading today in simple words that ATM accelerates KRAS12-D carcinogenesis. There may be some ATM clinical trials out there (I'm just not very good at retrieving the info for what, when, etc.); it's something I'll consider once the GAC wears down. At the start of my journey, I knew very little about this disease (even though my dad had it over 23 years ago); however, the research regarding pancreatic cancer I feel is exploding right now and there may be a "cure" in my lifetime. What I know now is that with my 3 mutations (TP53 being the other), the chances of this spreading for me were 100%, even though only 1 lymph node was impacted. Please keep providing your fantastic graphs and links and info., as we are all helping each other by sharing this information!