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I have great pain in my whole lower body, including feet. This has been going on for 10 years. I'm wondering if I am, even, a condidate for Myofascial Release ( MFR). I am fused L-5 through S-1. I have a pain pump. Would it, still, be possible for MFR to help in some way?
Thanks in advance.

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@jjcseck Judy, You should ask the doctor who placed the pain pump. This is like massage, except that the therapist maintains the tension and waits for the tissue to relax. If the source of your pain is generated by scar tissue from surgeries, MFR may help. Do you have restrictions in what you can do because of the pain pump? You can also have tight tissue elsewhere in the body causing tightness and fascial restrictions.

Good morning, @jjcseck ....it is great to see you make your first post. Welcome! You are starting with an important question. I am going to introduce you to @jenniferhunter right now. She is the creator of the discussion about MFR on Connect. While waiting for her to respond, perhaps you would like to check out some of the MFR information.


In fact, I have to leave right now for my Monday MFR session. I will check in with you when I return.
May you be safe, protected, and free from inner and outer harm.