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Tilt Table Test Results

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Welcome to Connect @bergith.
I'm tagging @misskaseyvolk @jbenn1010 @kmeyer301 on this message as they wrote a while back about having the tilt table test. I also wonder if @cynaburst @lynnkay1956 @neeci @martishka might have some thoughts to add or questions to ask.

@bergith, when is your daughter's appointment with her electrophysiologist?

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Replies to "Welcome to Connect @bergith. I'm tagging @misskaseyvolk @jbenn1010 @kmeyer301 on this message as they wrote a..."

Hi Colleen<br>Jennifer's apt. with the Electrophysiologist is this Wednesday the 25th.<br>Just a side note, Jennifer works for Alma College here in Michigan and will<br>be headed to Grad school in Fort Collins, CO for the fall. The TTT was<br>not suggested per her cardiologist but through discussing options through<br>Mayo I asked for a referral since she lives with chronic symptoms that have<br>not been explained.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>

All I had to do was bend over and everything became dark ...I had some nasty syncope just before surgery. No problems now...but yes they did the Tilt Table test on be just to see if it was syncope.

I am glad to hear that you are doing better 🙂 we are hopeful that Jenny<br>will also be able to get relief. thank you!<br>