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Hi Debbie! Sorry for the delay in responding. My husband and I are on our 2.5 day trek back to Wisconsin after spending the winter in a warmer climate! Time to be responsible adults and head home. ☺️. All of this couldn’t or wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t gone through with my bone marrow transplant.
The first few months after can be challenging, but it is so worth the effort. It gives people like you, @mary612, @kt2013, @katgob and so many others of us the opportunity to have a second chance at life when our diagnosis without a transplant isn’t all that favorable.

So, thank you for the kind words this morning about Connect, Mayo for its support of our forum and letting me know that I’m helping to make a difference for anyone facing a bone marrow transplant. My goal is to offer inspiration, encouragement and hope…and I’m always here to answer any questions you might have.

When it’s time for your transplant can yours be done with your own cells or will you need a donor?

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Hi Lori,

After reading this post, I read several of your posts in this discussion. I was so impressed with your ability to get into the shoes of those you communicate with in this support group. I especially liked your comment in one of the posts when you referred to their experience as an, "adventure in healing." What a great phrase to describe this procedure which needs so much endurance! Thanks for all you do, Lori.

Hi Lori,
I will need a donor for my stem cell transplant. It actually feels quite hard to decide when to do it because right now I am stable with my CE and feel well. , But my doctors are concerned about waiting because they say it can turn into AML, my eosinophils may start going up or my other health issues may become a problem (lupus and HLH). So I’m scared to wait and scared to do it because it feels wrong to do such a risky procedure when you feel good; but I also understand the importance of doing it when you are healthy. If you have any word of wisdom they’ll be much appreciated.