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My sister has (probable) Meniere's, don't know if she has a definite diagnosis but has had vertigo/hearing loss for more than a decade. She controls it by avoiding stress and eschewing all dairy. I have celiac (14 years) and control it with diet, but she won't get tested so is just gluten light. Consider keeping a food log in case some food(s) worsen symptoms. Stress is a big trigger, especially with you being a caretaker. Does Australia have care for caretakers? Will your mother wear headphones for the radio (more expensive ones can compensate for hearing loss)? For you, Bose or other good quality noise-cancelling headphones are helpful at blocking the squawks and don't irritate like earplugs. Regular foam earplugs are not bad, but silicone and high-density foam are better at dampening decibels (I also have low noise tolerance). If you haven't tried meditation, it can be useful for controlling stress response and insomnia. Good that you are training and have a healthy diet and hydrate. One hypothesis for Meniere's is that the inner ear fluid is no longer a closed system, that it is more sensitive to dehyration/salt levels than someone without the disease. So it is good to drink an electrolyte with salts when intensely training. We do spend time and emotions nibbling off the edges of our diseases. Great that you are looking for answers. ResearchGate has medical papers on Meniere's (boring so also good for insomnia) .

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Thank you for the wise suggestions. Good idea, I will make a log of my diet so I can see if there are any patterns.
Since being back in Australia after several months abroad, my diet has changed in that I have been consuming more wheat products (bread, cereal). Maybe some connection there. Or like you mentioned - stress.
Also suffering a bit from heat exhaustion here due to different set-up with cooling here. But I am vigilant in hydrating - but may not be enough.
My mum gets care services, but they are just an hour or two a week at best. And gets expensive as only a partial subsidy allowed.
Yeah, tried to get mum to wear headphones, ear buds, you name it. But all failed. Thankfully she does at times turn it down for me. But it's her domain and only real joy in life so don't like to compromise that too often.
Meditation - am gaining an interest in Therevada Buddhism for philosophy and meditation reasons. But very slow as my PTSD is chronic and a couple of decades of symptoms.
Will increase my use of electrolytes when training. Cheap overseas but expensive here but will look around.
Thanks for all the tips!!