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Merkel cancer update

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Great news Roger. I finally finished my 30 treatments of radiation, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Finished on Tuesday and starting to feel a little more energy. Hoping the other side effects will start to heal soon. My doc said 7 to 10 days. I didn’t completely lose my taste so he said that will come back faster. My nose is a mess and my mouth and throat. Eating is a challenge. Mostly liquids. Anyway great news for you. Golfing weather must be here for you.

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Hello Lynn, I'm hoping this finds you well and having received good news regarding your PET scan on April 2nd. I'm also hoping your healing process from the 30 radiation treatments continues to improve.
Since our last communication I have had a CT scan and a PET scan. The CT scan must have caused some concern because it indicated a thickening of tissue in my throat resulting in the PET scan. I am thankful to report there was no sign of Merkel cells in the PET scan. I don't meet with my oncologist until next week to determine if my self diagnosis of fibrosis is correct.
I still haven't regained all my sense of taste but enough to maintain my weight.
The improving weather has me back on the golf course and hopefully you are enjoying the walks in the woods.
Take care and I pray all those dealing with Merkel cell cancer are hanging in there!

Hello Lynn. Sounds like you are hanging in there and still keeping a positive attitude. Radiation treatment has a long-lasting effect on the body. I am going to have to have speech therapy because of a thickening in the throat area. It sounds like there are exercises I can do that will make swallowing easier and to keep the situation from getting worse. I still do not have whiskers on the left side of my face yet so I guess one positive result is my shaving time is reduced to half time.
I too try and keep a positive attitude and am so grateful for the recent PET scan showing no signs of Merkel but must admit to a looming dread of its return.
In the meantime I am thankful for every day as a gift.
Take care of yourself and keep in touch.