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I have as similar problem. I have post on before. My son moved home in dec. With a 40 year old woman. He's 27. She I believe is on opiods. The 2 of the don't sleep for days, wonder around at night , don't pay for anyth ing. They don't like rules, they fight and yesterday had an opp officer come as they had a fight at a car wash. I have done so much for him . He recently went thro a horrible separation lost his 2 kids , got a duo which in Canada cost $12,000 plus. Paying for his insurance .etc...I recently told her not to be on my property. I thought it would give him a safer home at least.. I'm at a loss......

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Sally - You need to take a hard look at whether your support is helping your son, or you it is enabling him to live an unhealthy lifestyle at your expense.
Unless he is disabled in some way, why are you paying his insurance? Why is he living in your home without paying his way? If hos companion is using, and his behavior is similar to hers, it sounds like he is doing the same.

Please safeguard yourself, and your physical, mental and financial safety. If you knowingly let them stay (and use) in your home, you are at risk. Do you have someone you can talk to about getting him and getting his companion out of your home?