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It helped me to read the actual studies. Cardiovascular effects were the same in a study comparing Evenity to placebo. They were slightly worse with Evenity than alendronate but the report hypothesized that that could be because alendronate is slightly protective.

Evenity inhibits sclerostin and sclerostin has effects throughout the body, including blood vessels. I have read that more studies are needed on other aspects of sclerostin function that might be affected and there was too much focus on cardiovascular effects. I am more concerned about other effects, such as a possible reduction in acquired immunity (B cells produced in bone marrow). Not much is known as yet.

Most people seems to be doing fine on Evenity and it seems as if post- FDA approval reporting is not revealing a lot of new problems. (I am one of the few I know who is actually having side effects...)

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@windyshores Thank you for sharing what you have read in research studies. I am on my fourth month of Evenity and so far have had no side effects. I go to Google Scholar and the search applications available to me on my local university website. With these I can then find peer-reviewed research studies that are published in professional journals.

@serious It is indeed puzzling why your endocrinologist does not prescribe Evenity to his senior patients? Is that correct?

I think that of the two studies that have been done, FRAME and ARCH, one showed a hightened risk of major acute cardiovascular events, and the other did not. The one that involved older subjects it the one that showed a risk.

Thank you, @windyshores, for your post about the possible reduction in acquired immunity with Evenity. I am on Tymlos, but the endocrinologist plans to take me off due to hypercalciuria, and transition to Evenity. I have looked into this area of research since your post and will take this under consideration before I make a final decision about Evenity.