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Thank you for your comments. His surgery was Jan 25 so it's gone way longer than that. He also has non stop mucous and foamy saliva he can't swallow. This leads to almost non stop coughing episodes. We are thinking about seeking out a regular ENT to help us sort it out as our surgical oncologist seems to have no suggestions. It's at the point where he is so depressed and overwhelmed he doesn't know who to ask or where to turn for help. I have not found anyone who had this problem for this long.

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I have had significant eating difficulties after my two months of Proton Therapy and Chemo for a nasopharyngeal carcinoma. My treatment ended a year ago and so far I am cancer free. However, I am still learning to eat with all the changes to my mouth and saliva glands. My ENT is my primary go-to person along with my SLP who specializes in swallow therapy and has shared many strategies for eating. I would encourage you to seek out an ENT who has experience with head and neck cancer patients. My oncologists are also very helpful but my ENT has an amazing understanding of what's going on and my difficulty with my eating and swallowing. And yes, my saliva glands were impacted during the radiation, they produce no saliva and probably never will. My swallow therapist is also amazing, I have learned so much from her. I have gone from a diet of liquids only to a diet of soft solid foods. I am finally starting to gain weight but really have to work at it. I have found that the recovery time has been much longer than I anticipated. Good luck to you and your husband. Wishing you both the best.