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I was diagnosed with HPV16+ OSCC in March 2023. I had TORS robotic surgery April 2023. I had a right neck dissection with all lymph nodes removed and TORS surgery to remove primary tumor of 3cm at base of tongue. . All margins clear. I completed 30 rounds of Proton Radiation. The biggest issue I had was dysphagia and Not being about to swallow (eat or drink) for about two weeks after surgery. I understand He is doing mouth, tongue and swallowing exercises? If you have a Speech therapist they can help you with this? I think the chin into my chest and HARD swallow helped me initially get a few things down and then It got easier to swallow. I had alot of mucous/saliva where you feel like you are almost drowning and It was hard to eat and drink for a month or so. Then Started with soft foods and Boost drinks. Soup, eggs, bananas, etc. You actually "forget" how to swallow once you go awhile without doing it. He will need to force himself and work hard at it . Good luck!

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Thank you for your comments. His surgery was Jan 25 so it's gone way longer than that. He also has non stop mucous and foamy saliva he can't swallow. This leads to almost non stop coughing episodes. We are thinking about seeking out a regular ENT to help us sort it out as our surgical oncologist seems to have no suggestions. It's at the point where he is so depressed and overwhelmed he doesn't know who to ask or where to turn for help. I have not found anyone who had this problem for this long.