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Severe lumbar nerve pain

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Were they epidurals or to muscles? If I have a say I’ll not get this shot again, I never read bad reactions by anyone but the pains that I get in different areas are hurting worse. The pains amped up. I took all the meds I have with the exception of another tylenol. Its so sharp. Even my wrist. It’s puffy so are my ankles. frankly, now I’d be nervous to get another epidural. I am not sure what is causing what.

I had 4-5 bad falls cumulative damage I guess. I never was examined after a fall. Maybe I feel stupid for falling, like how did that happen anyway, dizzy, snow, mud, lost footing.

I was thinking a new mattress might help. Then I think not. I teeter. Googled swayback. I have lordosis of the lumbar spine. I think its minimal curvature.

You are so right. I hope you get more relief and are helped long term with a therapy.


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@nemo1 I did have a bad reaction to a cervical epidural injection, and I believe I was allergic to something in the mixture. I believe it was PEG (polyethylene glycol). It caused me to have very sharp electric burning pains that randomly shot down my arm into my hand for about 6 weeks. No more. No thank you.