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What does "tree-in-bud" pattern mean?

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I had double pneumonia a month or so ago and was treated with antibiotics and steroids.
So the tree in bud is a normal thing????
They have referred me to a pulmonary specialist.
My test just said ABNORMAL and then the following

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HI Pennelope, and welcome to our group - your discussion was moved here because the x-ray or CT findings you posted suggest you may have had the infection known as MAC (mycobacterium avium complex) in the past. "Tree in bud" and "ground glass infiltrates" are both signs that you may have had either other bouts of pneumonia or MAC infecting your lungs over time. This often occurs in conjunction with another condition known as bronchiectasis that can affect your lungs in ways similar to asthma or COPD.

It is a really good thing your are being referred to a pulmonologist. The "next steps" will probably include a CT scan, some pulmonary function tests, and if the doc suspects an underlying (sometimes called "smoldering") infection, a sputum culture to see what is hiding in your lungs.

Here are some questions you can think about asking the pulmonologist when you see them - be sure to take along someone to take notes for you, or a paper and pencil to write things down. It will also be helpful to your doctor if you keep a diary of symptoms you may be having like cough, congestion, mucus, fatigue or fever.

As you begin the journey toward finding out whether you have a chronic condition or infection, our members can help you make sense of all the new terms you may here.

Do you have a history of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma or COPD?