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Christine, if you were on Prolia for only 4 months the info below would apparently not apply. But for anyone on Prolia past 1-2 years (I am only posting this because a friend of mine just went through the consequences described):

According to McCormick's book Great Bones (page 569), and Dr. Ben Leder's You Tube lecture Combining and Sequential Approaches to Osteoporosis (minute 35) , not only does Forteo (or Tymlos) after Prolia not work, but there is a decline in bone density and strength and increase in cortical porosity and fracture risk . The only medication that can stop the rebound loss of bone density and dramatic increase in fracture risk after stopping Prolia, is Reclast or, to a lesser extent, Fosamax.

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Hi windyshores!
Yes, all this quite correct for folks who do not have other autoimmune conditions.
My various lung problems cause some complications on the usual process.
I have gad a total of 3 Prolia shots. My infection rate increased one month after my first shot. To date, I have had 7 infections since commencing Prolua. Even with my severe asthma, bronchiatesis, and tracheobronchomalasia (sp), this rate of infection is too high, and is escalating.
Also, my osteoporosis seems due to high prednisone treatment, for the lungs and arthritis.
It is my Rheumatologist's recommendation to discontinue Prolia and go to Forteo.
The main concern is to get away from the bisphosphonates and their decrease in the immune system (mine has been in the basement most of my life) asthma starting at 2 years of age, and rheumatoid arthritis at 23.
So, in the midst of this pickle, the priority us protecting the lungs. (Pulmonary function drops with every infection)... and lungs are necessary for life! I have lost significant function since the Prolia, due to infections.
Bottom line, there is no perfect answer for this situation.
I do appreciate the soundness of your statements, for most people.
Thanks for replying.
I so appreciate all the support!