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I'm curious, is the surgery not easy? My folks were in their 70s and both daid not so bad. But both of you are having painful injections to avoid surgery even tho you've had surgery before. It feels like straight to the quick op? Unless I'm.missing something. Can you use your fingers postop? I just restrung my guitar after not playing it for over a decade. I still run my own graphic design business from home. I just started my 70th year here on earth. I was wanting things to not get even worse so fast. I need to keep playing in photoshop etc as long as I can. Its good for the mind. Also writing a book. I needy fingers.

So what happens to finger that have the tendon cut? I wasn't thinking they might just flop around tho I'm an old nurse. I should know this stuff. I was ortho but they didn't have these little digit surgeries back then. Only huge ones like actually replacing each finger joint for RA. The doc who invented PIP joint replacements was killed by a drunk driver. He was a good guy. Anyway... thanks. I need to hit google.

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The finger enjoys movement because a tendon that is encapsulated in a sheath has freedom to move. In RA and other conditions, the sheath itself gets thick or stiff and is itself constricting the tendon. So as I understand it, they open the sheath to release the tendons from being constricted.