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I use Antibiotics cautiously. I have found I get a little weaker after taking them, and it can take me a couple of weeks afterward to get all of my strength back. One might argue it was the underlying issue that caused the weakness, but it seems the majority of the antibiotics pushed my way have been for “preventative” reasons, all before or after dental, dermatology or bigger surgeries that have risk of developing infection. Even if it’s for an actual infection (sinus), I talk to them about prescribing the most proven PN friendly antibiotic at that time. If it’s a precautionary antibiotic prescribed, we have the same discussion as well as weighing if we can do without it and react “if” signs of infection start, or at least the safety of when the antibiotic can be safely stopped vs the standard 5-7-10 days if the infection risk advises us to be that vigilant up front. I cannot prove antibiotics have personally affected me, but I feel my body has told me I indeed feel a weakness develop. Always have the discussion with your doctor and make your PN concerns clear with him/her.

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Very interesting comments that lead me to wonder if I'm exceptionally susceptible to drugs. I'm not allergic to common food or odor allergens. But two recent experiences lead me to believe that I may be more susceptible than most to common doses of commonly used meds. I was put on Cymbalta, a SSRI, at a very low dose because long-COVID seems to reduce seratonin. On the 4th day I had diarrhea at which time I quit taking the drug. A few weeks later, feeling as well as anyone with long-COVID can, I got the most recent COVID vaccine. The following day, I had a bout of urgent diarrhea. The vaccine was in me, and I knew I needed it to keep my antibody level up, so I went on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) for a few days and recovered. But each of these episodes tells me to be very careful about introducing any new med. (I have gone through an elimination diet, and found I was not allergic to anything that I eat.)