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After lumpectomy: Still having pain

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Wow, that is good news to hear that it's 25 years later and no reoccurrence. Can you tell me how you did on the tamoxifen although I am 65 I can't take the AIS so the tamoxifen is what my oncologist has discussed but I'm not at that point I'm just starting radiation and I only have to have 10 treatments but a double dose during those treatments. Thank you for sharing your story it gives a lot of people hope

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In 1999 I was premenopausal so tamoxifen put me in menopause. I also had rolling hot flashes meaning I could feel them coming like a wave. They were intense. I also had bone pain, I would compare to intense arthritis. They both subsided. There was not a lot known about Tamoxifen or its side effects so there was not a lot of first hand accounts. I joined a Breast Cancer Support Group and in that group was the best information. I suggest joining a group ( or start one) to everyone. I also would have done any treatment my Doctor threw at me. My Mother died in 1969 of BC. Trust your Doctor the medical community knows a lot more now.