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Anyone else with endometrial carcinosarcoma?

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@careng9 The past two years since the initial diagnosis must be very difficult for you. I found that once I was in treatment (initial diagnosis in 2019 of endometrioid adenocarcinoma, FIGO 1, Stage 1a; recurrence in 2021) that I actually felt better and more positive. I knew my cancer care team at Mayo Clinic was in my corner and everyone on those teams spent time with me to answer my questions and provide information about what to expect.

I'm going to tag a few members of our Support Group who have shared their journeys with endometrial carcinosarcoma. @sam1108 experienced this with her grandmother; @wuw8; @ihndz

When you don't yet have a treatment plan and are wondering, what's next? Well, that anticipatory anxiety can be awful. That's me anyway. That daily exercise on the treadmill and good appetite with healthy food is encouraging and I imagine very helpful for you. How do you maintain your positive and optimistic attitude?

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I think I’ve always been an optimist. I have an incredible husband and a very supportive network of friends and family. It helped to journal this journey on Caring Bridge to keep everyone updated. It has also helped that I’ve had relatively few side effects from all of this. And then there is my weird sense of humor that I have maintained. I love my life and have a deep sense of gratitude for all the love and support and the other health aspects I’ve been able to maintain. I have my down moments of course, but don’t dwell there. None of us have any guarantees. This is what I have to deal with. Just had lunch and giggles with a new friend I met at chemo months ago!