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Update; Nicotine Patch Experiment

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I tried half a 7 mg nicotine patch for 6 days. No effects, bad or good. Seventh day I applied full 7 mg patch and had a terrible nightmare that night. Not tolerable. My life is enough of a nightmare.

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Replies to "I tried half a 7 mg nicotine patch for 6 days. No effects, bad or good...."

Try the 4 mg sugar free gum. One in the morning. Watch tolorance. Chew a bit and then put in your check. Chew slightly when the flavor dissipates, replace to opposite cheek. Repeat until no effect noticed, flavor any cheek sensation. Nightmares are not a normal side effect, but may be effect of Long Covid.

We have seen, in my family, recovery of smell and taste, recovered short term memory, opening of sinus passages, recovery of attention, rhinking skills, and other Long Covid symptoms abated.

The dose seems to be cumulative over 24 to 48 hours. The dose is different for each person seemingly based on metabolism and body weight.

Other foods with moderate to high levels of nicotine: green tomato, eggplant, peppers, and potato.

Foods with low to moderate levels of nicotine: celery and cauliflower.

There are other plant species in the Solanaceae family (nightshade family) whicc have low to moderate or high levels of nicotine. Read up on nicotine and Solanaceae family of plants.

A medium size green tomato has 40 to 50 ng of nicotine. Ripe tomatoes have much lower concentrations. If you are consuming these or combinations of these plant species plus the patch, this may be what is causing some reactions.

Side effects can be mild nausea, dizziness or light headed, increaed heart rate, warm feeling, and some other minor effects such as tingling where patch, gum, or pouch touch.

I had to dose and check response (3 to 4 days waiting post dose) for 30 days until I found my correct dose per day.

I have had covid 13 times, 6 confirmed with short test or antobidy test. The symptoms of the other 7 events were the same as the 6 proven by test. I switched to antibody testing as none of the short tests were ever positive. Too many variants.