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Exercise with PMR and/or GCA

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Hi Isabelle7,
I had a similar experience with pmr and gca, although my gca onset came much quicker, within 2 months. I had been a 60 mile per week cyclist before this started. Between the pain in my legs and the severe loss of fluids sweating at night ( I lost 16 pounds in 14 days) I could only ride about 3 miles a day. Then after the gca symptoms started I didn't want to ride at all. I developed severe depression. My Rheum told me not to stop exercising no matter how little. I kept at it when I could. I do not believe that exercising caused the gca, but I'm no doctor. I just can't imagine exercise being a bad thing when you are going thru this. Just remember, not everyone responds the same with these diseases. Unfortunately you have to deal with the symptoms the way they come. And it's not the same for everyone. Hope he feels better soon.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry you also ended up with GCA. I hope you're doing better now. I've watched my husband go down from the high 190's to the mid 170's. He's never been this weight in the 44 years we've been together. But, having said that, since we finally got a doctor to agree to split-dosing the prednisone for GCA (he's currently on 80 mg per day, higher than most per our doctor - this following three IV infusions of 1200 mg each of steroids) he's finally headache and pain free. He's gotten his appetite back so I'm hoping he can gain some of the weight back. He's had no energy for actual exercise and I think we were both afraid it could make matters worse, especially when his inflammation levels were so high. We'll see next week if they're coming down. We've been going to large grocery stores to get in some steps. I own a childcare/preschool working from home and it's dark by the time we close so walking outside during the week has not been practical. We live on a steep hill so our neighborhood isn't a good place to walk. We'll get it figured out. We've considered a treadmill.