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After lumpectomy: Still having pain

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I am a 25 year breast cancer survivor with no recurrence. I had Stage 1 no lymp nodes involvement ( I was -age 47) I did the normal 30 day radiation treatment. I opted for chemotherapy CMF) once a month for 8 months because my Mother died of BC at age 47. (My Doctor gave me the option of Chemo) I then did 4 years of Tamoxifen and then 4 years of Femara. My breast area is still tender! After conferring with an oncologist he said it is normal. I have been told before there is possibly nerve damage. I am interested if any other long term survivors have similar symptoms.

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My story above is from a 20 year old scar. Original diagnosis meant chemo every three week for a lifetime dose of a couple drugs. Radiation and surgeries, then an oopherectomy, tamoxifen for 5 yrs. and anastrozole for 10 more. Now in my 50s and still tender.
How do you try to manage this soreness?

Wow, that is good news to hear that it's 25 years later and no reoccurrence. Can you tell me how you did on the tamoxifen although I am 65 I can't take the AIS so the tamoxifen is what my oncologist has discussed but I'm not at that point I'm just starting radiation and I only have to have 10 treatments but a double dose during those treatments. Thank you for sharing your story it gives a lot of people hope