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@drsuefowler I did a half dose again a few days ago. I had zero side effects. I am wondering if my high inflammation markers after COVID were a factor in my reaction to the first shots, or if this is just another case of my body needing to get used to a med. I would not hesitate to get a full dose next time. But if it is mainly anti-resorptive at this point, I will also ask about going directly to Reclast.

I have already done 2 years of Tymlos. My original idea was to do just 4-6 months of Evenity for more of a boost. Interestingly, I read an article last week that said that in the future, people might use Evenity that way: for a short term boost in P1NP between other meds. It's so new, I think the protocol is pretty rigid but we'll see what happens in the next 10 years.

I see my endo this month and am going to ask about DEXA. I am also getting a CTX and P1NP again. CTX was very low last month. P1NP was disappointing, low too, but maybe it needs to be done two weeks after shot, not 4.

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Thanks @windyshores. I appreciate your contributions that are so helpful. It is good that your CVX was very low. It means you weren't destroying a lot of bone. Dr McCormick wants below 350. When both CVX and P1NP are low it means low turnover which might be good for us. Dr McCormick says that excessive turnover is common with osteoporosis.