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Does arm motion stop at the same place in therapy, or can the therapist push it further passively? It would be nice if it was a matter of just stretching and loosening a muscle. You are still pretty early at 6 weeks, so some hope there. I thought I would have to learn to use my left (rightie here) hand to brush teeth while healing, but I found propping my right elbow on the counter and bending over the sink did a better job than awkward brushing with the left. You are probably taller than I am, so that may not be comfortable for you. It did take longer to get certain rotational motion back with the TSR arm, such as soaping up your body in the shower. I could get the range of motion, but my circular movements were very slow for the first couple of months, so I tended to use the off hand. A few years prior to surgery, I developed a frozen shoulder, there was no pain, but I could not lift my hand above ear level, could not comb or shampoo my hair or pick up heavy objects one handed. Then had PT which gave me about 80% of my range back. But then the next year I started to develop constant arthritis pains and again lost my range of motion, but this time it was with pain, x-rays showed bone on bone, so time for the TSR.
I hope your PT person can be of help in figuring out what they did in surgery and coming up with a plan to increase your range of movement. The PT guy I have seen for both my knees and my shoulder regularly sits in to view ortho surgeries a few times a year, it was interesting to hear him describe the operations from different view point.

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Yes, I can move my arm easily if assisted (passive motion). Nothing keeping it from externally rotating if I push on it, but Active (unassisted) motion stops at the same place.
If I assist my surgery arm, so that forearm is perpendicular to the floor, and then let go, it pops right back to the same spot. As hard as I try, all my might, there is just nothing there. I would think there would be some progress, some ability if it were going to get better.
all other movements of my arm are rather good already. ...elevating my arm forwards, sideways, internal rotation.
It's uncomfortable constantly fighting the elbow moving outward when I'm trying to reach for something. Deltoid is sore.