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Hi @lshecky. Based on my personal and professional experiences, there are many variables for care from different healthcare systems. This is a long healing time and doing things in the least amount of stress and any tiring activity on your body is crucial. Suggest try the remote clinic via zoom etc. option first and see if home based suggestions/teachings can offer you needed support. Then can seek commute/travel care if needed as travel can be triggering for crashes while there or back at home after , with the financial stress potentially crippling. Most plans do have long covid clinics/assigned doctors at least via zoom, that many pcp/specialist doctors are unaware of. Your healthcare systems social worker can help set up and assure diagnosis of long covid with all your symptoms clearly listed with each icd code next to it thru medical record dept. If thats not helpful, your PCP hopefully could do summary note of your diagnosis codes with daily life challenges and/or the medical records dept document to refer to long covid clinic. If your healthcare system states they do not have that clinic/doctor, then you have their written documentation stating that with succinct medical records to provide with your referral request to a clinic close to you/of your choice etc thru your physician or yourself using the long covid appt request links on most system
websites🤞Hope explained well and wish the fastest healing journey to you🌈

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You are so kind for taking the time to provide all of this information to me. Thank you so so much.