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Who knows a lot about PSA test results?

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I got my second opinion from Johns Hopkins on the prostate biopsy. I was glad I did because they found some things that Mayo Clinic did not.

After your boyfriend has a biopsy, he will better know his risk level, called a Gleason score. Mine was “favorable intermediate,” so I had the entire range of treatments to choose from. That is good, but can also tend to be overwhelming.

My wife and I spent several weeks reading articles, watching videos, reading books, clinical studies, etc. After my biopsy and diagnosis. It’s a very complicated subject! I was glad that I investigated both surgery and radiation, and interviewed 2 urology oncologists (surgeons) and 2 Radiation Oncologists. I’m lucky to live just an hour away from the mayo clinic in Minnesota.

An important thing is to give yourself some time, research, and look into both surgery and radiation. Whatever modality you choose it’s good to find a doctor who is very experienced in that modality.

Not sure where you live, but there are many “centers of excellence” across the US that deal with a lot of prostate cancer. Regardless, find the very best hospital that you are able to access.

I’d also say to stay on Mayo Connect. The phenomenally good surgeon that we wound up choosing was as a result of my wife putting a question out there on Mayo Connect and getting great responses.

Many or most prostate cancers are very slow growing, so that’s a positive. And there have been lots of improvements and treatments, high tech solutions, etc. in the last decade or so.

All the Best to you and your boyfriend in this journey. Feel free to give me a private message through this portal at any time if you would like to.

All the best,
Jim G

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thank you so very much the information you gave about research is something i will share with my BF...I am not ready to let him know I have been consulting on this forum..

he is using Hopkins and we live about 30 minutes away but I will encourage him to still get second opinions...seems his weight loss has stabalized..he has a good appetite too. The only new change is that he now goes pee a lot more like me..lol..I go a lot because I am an athlete determined to drink about 90 plus ounces of h2o ongoing daily..but he actually doesn't drink a lot of water or fluids at all..so we laugh about it..

he has his MRI on friday, we will get the results soon I imagine..