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Who knows a lot about PSA test results?

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Ok, the relationship stuff I would not venture to go there. If he has a PSA above 4 the literature says it’s considered cancer. However, don’t go freaking out over until the MRI results cause that will tell you if it’s big ol aggressive cancer or just the manageable kind. I experienced the Sam deal with the medical folks. It’s just a job to them. After my MRI it was not good. Btw PSA is only part of the equation. There’s the Gleason score and a whole lot of other stuff. You can drive yourself nuts. My non professional opinion is to take it one day at a time. There is no “silver bullet.”

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thank you...funny how I focused on your sentence "the literature says it’s considered cancer," i don't know why because I am usually a very positive person..but last night he wanted to avoid his adult kids who were visiting his home so he made me a nice dinner and brought it to my house, for quiet and privacy...about a month ago before when he got his first high PSA results of 6, the doc told him to lose 40 pounds, which i thought was excessive...and she also referred him to a dietician which I thought was good...for A1C and hypertension issues..he was weighed then, then he worked hard for about 2/3 weeks, changed diet and walked a lot when he could..and in about 2/3 weeks, he lost about 20 pounds..I was amazed how easily it fell off. Then he stepped on a scale last Saturday (feb 24th) when we were outa town and he was 180 lbs..which was about right since he lost the 20 or so lbs. But last night before dinner, we decided to weigh him again because to me, he looked even skinnier in just 7 days..and this time the scale said 172 lbs..so it said he lost another 8 lbs in just about 7 days..so then he said he was concerned, for the first time. I countered and said, even though he stripped to underwear for all the weighing, probably the outa town scale was imbalanced, and he really probably only lost about 2/3 lbs..but i know it made him depressed..

So yeah we will wait for the MRI..i pushed him to tell his adult kids..He did not want to tell all of them since he/they lost their mom a few years ago to an aggressive colon cancer and she was pretty young too..and they all seem to still be grieving a bit..my bf was married to his wife Antoinette for 34 years..and he was her caretaker until the end.

so now I want to figure out how to plan a care situation for him..so he knows he will be cared for during his treatment, IF, he has cancer...i know I am venting. He scheduled his MRI (don't know what kind), next friday.

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering from this cancer or other things, but I am focusing on hope, and enjoying each day.