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Seeking support, new to this nightmare

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How well I remember 8 years ago when, after a ski fall, a cascade of pain gushed into my lower body. This was six months after the fall, and I thought I had pretty well healed up. I was out weed-wacking, then, after I came back inside is when all the pain erupted. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I tried to get an immediate appointment with my PCP. Of course, we all know how that usually goes. The point is, It has been 8 years, and I have been throught so many procedures, seen more docs than I can hardly remember. Believe it or not, I have actually come to live with and accept this pain. Not that I am happy about it, but I am at the mercy of pain specialists who give me ten or fifteen minutes and then tell me to make another appointment in six to eight weeks. I have come an understanding and partial acceptance of this pain (at age 76). I will keep searching for somone who can correctly diagnose my pain and prescribe the correct treatment. Unless the Lord calls me home first. Wish you well on your own pain journey.

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I swear, I have lost faith in anyone called a "specialist"!!
I have spent so much money to hear "No one knows what causes Neuropathy, and no one can cure it"

May I suggest three ideas:
First, have an MRI done, if you have not had one.
Second, go to a Neurologisti if you have not, and have an EMG done
Third, with both records in hand, find a Pain Management Doctor.
I have had a SCS in my Lumbar for approximately two years and I m 100% pain free in that area. From time to time, I receive injections and ablations in my Thorax and Cervix. Typically, they free me from pain in those areas from 6-8 months.
I hope this will help you. BTW, I am 80, so I had my SCS implant when I wa 70.