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I have had UC since I was 25. I’m now 57. At 53, I had a tumor discovered in my sigmoid that was causing a partial stricture. Biopsy showed high grade dysplasia. CT was done and it appeared as a. Mass with bowel wall thickening and possible lymph node involvement and metastasis.

Recommended treatment was colectomy but I really was against that because I wasn’t ready to deal with a colostomy and the possibility of having issues with Jpouch or it turning into Chrons made me nervous. I sought multiple opinions. Ultimately I had a resection (two areas) and while I did have complications, I’m now almost 5 years out

My cancer was stage 2 and I tried chemo as well.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, I feel the same way you did. I’ve read studies showing J-pouch can get Mets and fail as well, worse case scenario.
I haven’t even thought about it turning into Crohn’s wow great progressive thinking.
So you’re not dealing with a bag anymore? Sounds like a win!
Have you ever been on the biological Entyvio infusions? I’m thinking why not try reducing the inflammation instead of letting it run wild causing problems before any surgery.
I have been on Sulfasalazine for my UC which has given my colonoscopies nice pictures but the biopsy shows dysplasia, so clearly this isn’t cutting it. I also have PSC do you? Apparently a double whammy with dysplasia.
I am looking for alternatives to total colectomy. I am having 2nd pathologist look at my dysplasia slides and then they want chromoendoscopy done to see what cells light up with the dye in the colon.
It’s encouraging to hear your story thank you for sharing!