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Sue not sure where to post this but the question if about Prednisone.
I believe I read that you have had ear problems in the past.
I had Covid for the first time this month and per my UT Tyler pulmonologists direction, I took Paxlovid. Was too frightened not to with the BE. I believe it, the Paxlovid, did help in bringing up and out a very light yellow/green mucus.
Since finishing the Paxlovid for the Covid I had a temporary mild shooting pain in the ear which has come and gone quickly. However my one ear feels like it is “clogged.” Had congestion in the nostril for a few days…that is not happening any longer….no longer feel like there is gunk in my nostrils that needs to be blown out. However because I do have a feeling of my ear being “clogged” since the Covid and Paxlovid I went to a ENT (Ear only, specialist) and he indicated fluid/inflammation in the Eustachian tube. He has suggested Afrin Nasal Spray, Saline Nasal Spray and Prednisone. I asked if I could use a Netti Pot instead of the Saline Nasal Spray, he O.K’d that.
I am not on Anti-biotics for infections at this time nor any other medications.
I do the Vest and 7% saline solution 2x a day….missed a couple of times this week due to just learning how to handle it all with consideration for things that come up some days that affect ones time in the day and causes me to be off track.
I will probably start the Afrin and the Netti Pot in the next day or two however I am holding off on the Prednisone. I also want to let my UT pulmonologist understand what is going on and the suggestion of the Prednisone before I start it.
Sue with your experiences, understandings etc. what is your opinion/belief and thoughts about the Afrin/Netti Pot and mostly Prednisone for the ENT's diagnosis and prescription for the problem?

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Sorry, this really is a question for your pulmonologist and ENT. I have had many years of ear/sinus issues, and have fond what works for one does not necessarily work for someone else, even in my own family.

When it comes to treatments, I try to listen to my body, and try doctor's recommendations one at a time so I know what is helping or what I may be reacting to.
Do you think that might work for you?