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I need help to control type 2 Diabetes

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Breathe. It is anxiety producing. So, please try and practice ‘square breathing’ to help reestablish calm and for whenever you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. It helps me.

It’s important to have faith in your doctors and specialists. Make informed decisions about medications.

I have type 2 as well and my sweet spot (which isn’t too great) for the HBA1C has been 6.5-6.7 I need to work at keeping the fasting glucose at optimal levels and be more vigilant with taking looks at post meal by 2 hours - numbers. My nutritionist suggested that to have a better idea of levels throughout the day, to keep a calendar (which I have not kept up with).

A nutritionist can also offer help, tips you may not be aware of.

It is important you practice good foot care. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I were shoes or good slippers to protect the feet from injury. If you see a podiatrist, they will monitor your feet as a diabetic. Also, my insurance covers him as a diabetic. So, if you have not considered going to one, you may want to think about it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of manure! 😊

Tips (if you are not already doing this)
After washing feet, dry between toes well (I use cotton swabs),
Moisturize but not between toes. Don’t try to remove corns or calluses. Google: diabetes.org and in search bar enter ‘foot care’. You will receive proper instruction.

I cannot say enough about ‘self care’...

You will be okay!

Monitor and log your glucose levels and your feet daily/routinely. My doctor (endocrinologist) said she can also take a look at the numbers via the monitor. But it would be good to log, track to see trend.

I keep a log that includes blood pressure and weight. It makes me more cognizant of where I am and where I’m going.

Continuity of care between doctors with medications and lab tests to track those numbers is key.

Exercise helps keep numbers in check. I used to walk often before I had health issues crop up unexpectedly.

Meditation is good as well. There is a mind body connection. Even if it’s just 10-15 minutes a day, be it found in a meditation you tube video, prayer, something that redirects focus to center and ground us in thought and behavior. It helps. It really does. I consider square breathing an asset where this is concerned.

Well, I think I’ve gone on here but hope something helps.

I hope all goes smoothly. Wishing you wellness.


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Replies to "Breathe. It is anxiety producing. So, please try and practice ‘square breathing’ to help reestablish calm..."

WOW! Thank you for your extensive response. I will refer back to it often. I just looked up
'square breathing' and found a very helpful sight and went through the exercise once. I can see that it will be helpful. You are appreciated 🙂