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Since I wrote about side effects 17 days after the first injections, I had a bit of swelling in my bottom lip (that's in addition to the cold sore). My increased appetite didn't change and it continues to this day.

Yesterday I had my second set of injections in the abdomen, and had the same injection site swelling. It went away overnight. Within a few hours of the shots, I had some inflammation in my joints, and a mild headache. Both were gone by the time I went to bed. Today, I feel really tired, and have serious brain fog.

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Just want to share some news. I'm two months into Evenity. I had a new DEXA done a couple of days ago, and was amazed by the result. My t-score for my spine showed a gain of 7.2% when compared to the results of my previous scan in January 2023. My hip stayed the same. Both scans were done on the same machine.

I've changed my diet, and I'm doing OP targeted exercises. I also had my one and only Prolia injection last year. The BMD increase could be the result of all or some of these things, though the majority of the gains have to be from Evenity. Needless to say, I'm pleased to know that it's proving to be effective for me.

Even if I were having bad side effects and had to stop treatment now, I'd be happy with the 7.2% gain.