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Seeking support, new to this nightmare

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Thank you again for all of your feedback. No diagnosis as of yet. Both feet 24/7 pain and burning. Still in the boot for stress fractures yet nothing has changed in my opinion.
When I lay down my thighs go numb and tingly as well. I await blood work results and a brain MRI is to be scheduled. Navigating the insurance is a job I find gives me ample opportunity to work on my patience!
I am so tired from lack of sleep and also have fear of the unknown. I had an eye event whereby the vitrious detached however remain grateful thus far my retina did not. Specialist said common for age 65. Again, WHAT IS HAPPENING! Thank you for your kindness. All the best to you all.

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Has a neurologist suggested or done a nerve and muscle biopsy? I had similar symptoms that began in my right foot and eventually started in my left foot also. After many tests, doctors and eight months of extreme pain I was put on permanent disability retirement by my employer. My local neurologist referred me to UCSF and one of the doctors there was fairly certain of the diagnosis. She had written her thesis about small vessel vasculitis and after tests and a nerve and muscle biopsy. the diagnosis was confirmed. This is just a thought I had when I read some of your symptoms. Best of luck to you and I hope you can find help soon.

I hope there is a simple explanation that will be uncovered with some bloodwork. In the meantime, you could purchase some cream to help the foot pain. My pain diminished greatly when I got a diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy, and started taking the appropriate medicine (Tegretol in my case). But that was six years after I started my journey with two - yes, two - walking boots. You don’t want to wait that long! Try some CBD cream on your feet. Others find Vick’s vaporub helpful. There are other suggestions.
After my skin biopsy showed SFN, I realized there had been many precursors to the pain symptoms that really made me pay attention. I could think back at least 10 years prior to the fractured heels, strange issues like scalp and deep breast itching, burning tongue, lots of tendinitis and muscle pain while leading an active lifestyle.
We are on this journey with you! We’ve all been where you are!