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Hi Stephanie,
I’m sorry you had to go through all that mess. But, I’m glad you are doing very well now. Thank you for all that helpful advice. May I ask how old you are? I am 69 this March. I’m hoping my egfr can stay in the 30’s for some time. I doubt they would even do a transplant on a 76 yr. old. (If it took 7 years of decline in egfr like you) But my nephrologist feels I’ll need a transplant in 3 years. I’ll be 72. Plus my liver is massive. I’m going to hope for the best and keep on enduring the pain. I have a lot to be grateful for…my husband, son, friends and hope. Thank you for responding to my questions. One day we will be free of pain.

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I am 58. I was 54 at the time of my kidney transplant and 56, when my second kidney was removed. And just because my decline took 7 years, is of little consequence to your situation. As we know, the rate of organ decline is dependent upon many factors that vary from patient to patient. I am sorry you have pain to endure. I remember it and am beyond grateful it no longer exists in my body. Would they remove part of your liver too? To provide you with some relief? Focusing on blessings and gratitude helped me endure the pain of the disease, and I can hear it also helps you. I wish you the very best, and am happy to share anytime.