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HI @malliecallie. We don't know how severe your osteoporosis is or what your insurance will cover. I suggest you read Keith McCormick's book "Great Bones," watch his You Tube videos or those of Dr. Ben Leder ("Combinations and Sequencing."), especially Leder.

Bone builders are suggested first, as Chris mentioned, but insurance companies often require anti-resorptives like either bisphosphonates (Fosamax), or Prolia. This needs to change! Bone builders like Tymlos, Forteo and Evenity (Evenity is both bone builder and anti-resorptive) build a foundation of quality bone. See if your doc will advocate for you. Do you see an endocrinologist?

Anti-resorptives like Prolia can reduce the effectiveness of bone builders later on, if they are needed. But the most important issue with Prolia is that it is hard to get off. It is conceivable that at an older age, we/you can stay on it for the rest of our lives. But most likely you will want to get off, and there is a serious rebound when you stop. Bone density goes down and fracture risk goes up abruptly and you can even lose what you gained unless you transition to Reclast. That transition is tricky too in terms of timing.

Some people have posted on here that Keith McCormick a chiropractor who is an expert on osteoporosis, is suggesting just 3 Prolia's and then transitioning, and the risks might be lower for rebound. I don't know anything about this, myself.

I chose Tymlos and after trying a full dose, talked to my doc and lowered it to 1/4 dose then ramped it up so my body could get used to it. Tymlos comes in a pen with an adjustable dose. Many docs seem to be prescribing Evenity these days. I have done two Evenity treatments (monthly) since finishing Tymlos and will soon transition to Reclast (low dose at first, hydrated, slow infusion, tylenol). I am hoping for a med break at some point.

I have 7 spinal fractures. The first ones are thoracic, from a terrible fall in 2006. The more recent ones are lumbar and from one unwise movement. I will suffer a lot of side effects to avoid the pain and disability of fractures. I was feeling strong at the time: there are no symptoms for osteoporosis. Good luck! Hope this wasn't too much info!

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I am new to the group, and I am very grateful for comments like yours. My endocrinologist is recommending Tymolos as I had bad side effects on Actenol. Stopped after three months and fainting…uti’s etc. I am a total novice with these drugs.

Hello and thank you for your information! My osteoporosis is pretty bad, I have done hours of research on Prolia and Fosamax, and at this point telling my doctor I am not going to take Prolia injections, No alternative treatments or medications were mentioned. Doctor did not mention seeing an endocrinologist. I had two ribs fractured/broken last year, due to extreme coughing spasms following an URI. I still have some pain from those, but otherwise feel good, and active. You have been very helpful also in referencing the books and videos.

Thanks for the info. My doctor too just send prescription for Prolia no further info. This was VERY helpful. I will ask for different cancer drug.