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Forteo vs. Tymlos: Which did you choose?

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Hi there. Thank you for the quick response -2.7 is the spine. My L1 to L4 is -1.9. Total femur is -2.6. I think the insurance will cover it because I had such a terrible reaction to the actonel. I am so petrified. I see my endocrinologist next week and I will see what her suggestion is but I will definitely start maybe three times a week whether I have to pay for it or not. I have serious drug reactions, allergic to antibiotics, etc. etc. I’m pretty healthy except for scoliosis and it never bothered me, thank you for any advice you can give. I appreciate finding this group I was having anxiety attacks to be honest.

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Also, when you say clicks, what do you mean I’m not familiar with the pen. Thank you.

@nme1985 the Tymlos pen has "clicks' to measure doses. Fll dose is 80mcg and 8 clicks. If you are sensitive, and reacted to a bisphosphonate, it makes sense to try Tymlos if that is what your doctor wants. Personally I would try a lower dose rather than a few times a week because doing the full dose at any time and any frequency is hard for the bodies of those of us who are sensitive. My experience is that starting at two clicks and moving up as fast as possible, aiming for 6-8, gets my body used to it and makes it tolerable. I hope you can feel less scared!

ps still confused about your scores: L1-L4 IS the spine so why do you have two different scores for spine?