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Ben, thank you for expanding on nodules.

I suppose then being they are under 1 cm, I can breath a little easier. I just hope they don’t keep developing. I have thought seven nodules was a lot to have sprinkled around the thyroid. But I suppose size is of more importance (?}

I hope your recent ultrasounds results are good.

Will you need monitoring forever? Or will they stop the ultrasounds at some point? I need/have routine radiology exams for other issues. Wondering…

Thank you!!!

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Hi - I just thought I would add to the reassurance you are receiving. I have two thyroid nodules that they have been watching for more than 20 years. At this point, my PCP has been ordering and ultrasound, which is then read by an endocrinologist. At first they did a fine needle aspiration on the larger one (just over 2cm), then were monitoring every year with ultrasound. After several years of no change, they went to 2 years, and in 2023, using a newer protocol (age plus length of time without change) they switched to every 5 years unless there is a change.
So I essentially have forgotten all about it.

nemo11: In answer to your question " Will you need monitoring forever? " I did not ask her that. She said come back in a couple of years and I expect to do another Ultrasound then or maybe some other form of imaging that has been discovered.